Do you need a machine that is slightly more powerful than the average truckmount? If so, the Sapphire Scientific 454 SS will interest you! Never before have we here in Australia and New Zealand been able to have a commercial manufactured truckmount as powerful as the 454 SS, yet still fit so comfortably into our vans. Make no mistake, this machine has got more than enough vacuum and heat to impress any industry truck mount veterans.

As with our other Sapphire Scientific models, the highly-rigid frame design mitigates vibration, helping to reduce component wear and increase reliability. A big issue with many truckmounted cleaning equipment today is belt life. Many cleaners try to fit the biggest truckmount they can into the smallest van, and then they have issues with overheating the machine, and belts that fail every 200-300 hours. Due to the experience of the engineers at Sapphire Scientific, they have taken this into account. The 454 SS (along with all of their machines) has a unique through-frame drive belt cooling system which draws cool air from outside the console, then pushes it through the hollow frame and then ducts the cool air flow so it as it exits the frame, it is constantly blowing over the belts. This greatly extends belt life.

The Powerplant

The 454SS Big Block powers through the toughest workday with its 35HP high torque Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block engine, providing 2.5-inch dual wand operation if you need it. The Big Block series are a more advanced motor than the traditional Briggs motor that we have seen used within our industry. Briggs and Stratton Vanguard ‘Big Blocks’ are the most proven high horsepower air-cooled powerplants available, with more than 50,000 engines in-the-field to-date.

For the groundbreaking Big Block V-twin design, Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power developed an Advanced Debris Management system that allows the engines to run cooler and cleaner, enhancing durability and performance. A fully pressurized oil lubrication system with spin-on oil filter extends service intervals and engine life, while a five-inch centrifugal multi-stage industrial air cleaner provides maximum engine protection, especially in dirty, dusty conditions. The Big Block V-twin design is based on Overhead Valve (OHV) technology that provides superior balance and low vibration. A number of features contribute to the commercial-grade durability of the big Block engines, including cast iron cylinder sleeves, industrial-grade solenoid shift starter motor and steel-backed aluminum bearings.

Additional Vanguard BIG BLOCK air-cooled V-twin features include:-

  • Tuned intake and exhaust systems – Results in a quieter-running engine.
  • Large-volume muffler with specially baffled chambers – Minimizes noise.
  • Low fuel consumption per HP – Less frequent refueling stops.

The Big Block Briggs & Stratton commercial engine is also backed by a two year commercial-use manufacturer’s warranty.


35 HP Briggs & Stratton commercial engine

CAT 5CP 5120
producing 1500 PSI @ 5.5 GPM



High Pressure Water Pump

Providing the 1500 psi of heated water pressure is the legendary CAT 5CP triplex pump. It also has last-step chemical injection to which maximizes pump performance. This pump is not only high pressure, but also high flow – running 5.5 GPM, which is much higher than most truckmounts run. This pump also has Hot Dry seals installed to help prevent premature seal degradation. It has an electric clutch to turn the pump on and off therefore not running the pump and belts unnecessarily.

Quality has been at the heart of CAT pumps from the beginning. Quality design, materials and manufacturing are the key components to a long lasting, dependable pump. Special alloys, hardened surfaces and closely held manufacturing tolerances are all part of the quality you receive with each CAT pump. The heavy-duty, high-strength drive-end construction used on the 3CP pump that is on the Sapphire Scientific 370 SS assures you will receive long life from your pump. CAT pumps compact pump design, easy mounting to belt-drive, quiet, energy-efficient operation and low maintenance make these specially designed carpet and tile cleaning pumps the most economical and reliable for use in your truckmount!


The Vacuum Blower

The new Gardner Denver positive displacement trilobe vacuum pumps are designed especially to match the requirements of our industrial truck mounted vacuum cleaning systems. These innovative machines offer operators significant benefits and advantages such as highest quality materials and construction, heavy-duty design throughout, flexible installation capability, reduced maintenance with extended durability, greater performance and efficiency in a compact platform.

Key Features

  • QUIET OPERATION - The unique three-lobe impeller geometry allows higher throughput while creating lower pulsation levels than two lobe units, resulting in quieter discharge noise levels. Noise due to vibration is also reduced when the vacuum pump is engine driven. A unique internal feedback porting arrangement contributes to the further reduction of internal air chamber noise levels.
  • OIL-FREE AIR DELIVERY - Piston ring air seals are incorporated on each impeller shaft with a lip seal on the drive shaft for superior sealing to prevent oil leakage into the air chamber.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Each model incorporates highly reliable splash oil lubrication at both the gear and drive ends for longer life and reduced service intervals. Independent oil sumps prevent cross contamination and allow the vacuum pump to operate safely on an incline.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - Every vacuum blower is manufactured under rigid ISO 9001 quality standards and tested to meet strict performance requirements before shipping to ensure unequaled service life under the most severe operating conditions. Manufacturing blowers for more than 150 years of quality manufacturing with proven results

Key Features of the Sapphire Scientific 454 SS at a glance –

  1. Smallest cubic size in the industry: Requires 35% less cubic inches than other competitive models freeing up precious van space
  2. Thermostatic control: Allows complete temperature control up to 250 degrees
  3. Longer belt life: Unique through-frame cooling system directs air over drive belts, extending belt lifespan.
  4. Intuitive control panel simplifies operation
  5. Last step chemical injection ensures peak performance from water pump system
  6. Gardner Denver 408 with tri-lobe blower design producing 16" Hg
  7. One of the most rigid frames ever built – reduces vibration and increases reliability
  8. Proven Kohler motor and CAT pump ensures the best lifespan
  9. Easy-to-remove access panel and side hoods allows for quick service
  10. Superior heat production and control
  11. Reduced number of parts, including simplified wiring and shorter interior hoses for better access, performance and durability

The 454SS's Short-Reach Service Design puts all serviceable parts 25 cm or less from outer edges, ensuring easy access to components for maintenance. Utilizing a unique patent-pending heat diverter system, Sapphire truckmounts do not bypass or dump water to the waste tank no matter how much time elapses, providing true dumpless operation. This saves water and preserves space in the waste tank, allowing operators to keep cleaning carpets longer. A quick-change heat diverter control allows instant switchover to extraction-only mode and an intuitive control panel simplifies operation.

The 454 SS is a truckmount that has a small enough foot print to fit into any van, but still had the industry leading performance that can run not just one, but two wands if needed the 454 SS delivers the flexibility and performance professional cleaners need to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Power plant

35 HP Briggs & Stratton commercial engine

Vacuum pump

Gardner Denver 408 Helical Tri-Lobe blower -
Produces 455 CFM at 14" Hg (max. 16" Hg)

Solution pump

CAT 5CP 5120 producing 1500 PSI @ 5.5 GPM

Waste tank

321 litre marine grade aluminum

Console dimensions (W × H × D)

(W × H × D) 51 cm × 119 cm × 95 cm.


400 kg

And every unit is backed by Sapphire Scientifics’ no-hassle 2-year warranty.