Shatter - Multi Purpose Cleaning Detergent

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5 products in 1 - 1. HWE Detergent (Emulsifier) 2. Traffic Lane Cleaner 3. Bonnet/Pad Cleaner 4. Encapsulation Detergent (low foam) 5. Upholstery Cleaner
Shatter! is guaranteed to out clean any competitive crystallizing product. This amazing product does it all including attacking and eliminating sticky residue left from soft drink spills and previously applied cleaning agents. It is a multi purpose product designed to eliminate the need to carry many different products on your truck. It crystallizes and encapsulates dirt and if not rinsed completely during the cleaning process it will easily be vacuumed away during routine post-vacuuming.
Mixing as a Hot Water Extraction Detergent (Emulsifier): Truckmounts mix 8 to 16 oz per 5 gallons of Stock solution. Set chemical feed flow 4 to 6 GPH. Portables 1-2 oz per 5 gallons.
Typical pH: (7.2) at 640 to 1 . . . . (7.4) at 320 to 1 . . . (8.5) at 32 to 1