Swivel Head Stair Tool

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This 30" long mini-wand is great for use on stairs. The 9 3/4" wide pickup head covers stairs fast and the lightweight design will help prevent operator fatigue as the head can rotate around to then also do the riser of the stair without changing positions. The 1 1/4" tool expands to 1 1/2" to accept your 1 1/2" vacuum hose. It is constructed entirely of stainless steel and features a padded assist handle and a black vinyl grip on the tube to protect you from the heat. Comes standard with a 500 psi PMF V2P valve. Quick coupler not included. Fits 1 1/2" hose cuff.The most effective stair tool in the industry is also the easiest on your body! This unique ergonomic stair tool helps you get stairs cleaner then ever before with only half the work! No more fumbling around in the stair well trying to flip the wand or tool upside down to get at the "face" of the stair. With the Swivel Head Stair Tool you simply pivot the head of the tool to do the face. So easy to use that you don't even need to bend over to do it!