Happy Australian Truckmount Customers - Truckmount Testimonials


Prior to our truckmount purchase, we were using a Steam-Vac portable machine and found it difficult to impress customers. Initially, we were also very concerned about the amount of money it was going to cost to set up and whether the Sapphire truck mount would do what we were told it would do in regards to its performance, and if it was going to pay for it self.  Only having the operating costs of the portable, we were uncertain whether we were going to make a good living out of it when we stepped up to the truckmount.

Since purchasing our Sapphire Scientific 370 SS truck mount machine from PowerClean, we now are a lot more confident and have customers chasing us down - that’s GREAT.  On top of this, the great experience that Jim And Gary have in the industry assists us to grow our business. They are the most knowledgeable people in the industry they know what they are talking about which is great.

We can do so many things with our 370 Sapphire Scientific, we can clean carpets, tile and grout, water damage, external house washing - the options are great. I love to see old tiles and dirty grout come up like new again that’s unreal. When you see customer’s faces they can’t believe their floor looks so good again. It gives us great satisfaction to know that we are making happy customers and growing our business better than ever before.

  • The team at PowerClean Australia has a very friendly approach to people, they are extremely knowledgeable with a lot of hands on experience. They take the time to explain to how we should do things and why. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

Craig  McAlpine
New Life Carpet and Tile Cleaning


Being in Albany, Western Australia, when we started researching our next truckmount purchase, serviceability and backup where a major concern. We owned and used a Hydramaster truckmount for some years, and when we were deciding on our next machine one of our concerns were all of the truckmount suppliers were over on the eastern side of the country, and like every other cleaner looking to upgrade, at the start, we were nervous about making the financial outlay involved with out new setup, as we were also upgrading our vehicle as well.

From the different suppliers we were dealing with at the time, one company stood out. Both Jim & Gary PowerClean Industries Australia spent a considerableamount of time with myself & my associate even well before they knew we were looking to purchase a truckmounted cleaning machine. They assisted us with chemical selections & explaining some technique’s to help us improve our profitability & finished result. So a Trust was developed from Day 1, even though we were not making considerable sized purchases at the time.

When it was time to get serious about purchasing a truckmount, we done our own extensive research and were very serious about a different model in their range and were very happy to purchase this machine. However, after quite a few emails and phone calls, Jim questioned our needs, wants and where our business is heading too, and suggested a few different options that actually saved us several thousands of dollars over what we had decided, but which were more suitable for our operations and planned growth.

Since we purchased the Sapphire Scientific 370, we have been very happy with the improved heat and suction on the machine over our previous brand truckmount, but most of all, the entire package has given us a much more professional appearance and with the way it has been setup, everything is very useable in daily operation.

There is nothing quite like have a sparkling clean & tidy TM staring out the door when a customer wants to see what type of machinery you are using, And it is so much easier to switch between Carpet & Tile jobs over our previous Machine. The guys from PowerClean have been great. They assisted us in researching and purchasing a vehicle, assisted and had the vinyl wrapping applied and done a custom install for all the new machinery, but also incorporated racking for some of my existing equipment. From understanding and explaining of how the truckmount operates through to recommendations on chemicals for great results, the PowerClean Australia office has become a one-stop shop for us.

Peter Willock
Flash Cat Cleaning



Our business, Cleaneasy, operates at Mount Gambier in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia and offers a carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and a range of other cleaning services. I was interested in also offering concrete/driveway cleaning services.

While I was researching my next truckmount purchase, my main concern was reliability & backup if/when you do have a problem.  Powerclean was a relatively young company compared to Prochem.  Also, the reliability of my Prochem Legend SE was exceptional so I was inclined to favour Prochem to tell you the truth. I considered my next truckmount purchase should see me out of the industry in 10 years (give or take) while still having a machine that will offer the new owner at least 5 years “trouble free” working life. 

I would have been very happy with another Prochem truckmount, but was not convinced on their understanding of what my vision was for my next rig. They were only interested in selling the machine, not the whole package. The other thing that swayed me to PowerClean Australia was the quality of your installation and fitouts. I believe that Jim & Gary were on the same page as me when it came to the quality finish.  I set out to build a wish list of features that I wanted / needed.  Jim & Gary helped pull it all together.  From engaging the pantec body to be custom designed to installing the equipment so everything had its place. So the Mercedes Sprinter Cab Chassis, Truckmount & pantec fitted my requirements perfectly.

I now have a wow factor.  We must have done something right because even the women comment on how nice it all looks.  I believe that if you look the part, (vehicle, Uniform etc,) people will believe that you are knowledgeable & believe they got the best results possible.  This wow factor has already resulted in increase business and being noticed by more clients around town.

I love it that I no longer have to climb into my van to get chemical. We now have the ability to separate hard surface / carpet upholstery chemicals which prevents employees getting wrong products.  The Truckmount offers so much more than my existing setup ever could. 

Between Gary & Jim, their knowledge of the Industry & their willingness to look at new products & procedures leaves other suppliers their wake.  They are always willing to think outside the square. Also, your commitment to the Australian Carpet Cleaning Forum was another deciding factor as they participate and assist cleaners on there frequently.

Keep up the good work PowerClean Australia!!

Wayne Gibbs


After having been involved in the carpet cleaning industry part time for a couple of years the decision to go out on my own was made for me when the person I was working for closed down his operation due to age and health reasons.  Being the cautious type I thoroughly checked out the industry and even joined the Carpet Cleaners Forum to learn more about the industry.

Over time, whenever I asked who had the best truckmounts and equipment, one name kept popping up. And even more importantly to me, who had the best back up and after sales service. As I say one name kept popping up consistently, and that was PowerClean Australia.

After contacting Jim and visiting him at the trade show (as well as ALL the other suppliers) I eventually made the decision and purchased the Sapphire Scientific 370SS truck mount from them. This was a major investment for me, but after all my research (over a year) I was more than comfortable that this was the right machine for me; purchased from the right people.

I always knew I wanted a truck mount. My old boss only had a portable cleaning machine and even though he did his best with it, he always complained about the long drying times that a portable machine left his customers with and how he longed for the power and vacuum of a truck mount cleaning machine. To put it simply I didn't want to have that type of mechanical limitations placed on me by my equipment!  So even though the investment was high, there really was only ever one decision for me.

To this day I have no regrets with that decision. I love this machine!  To put it simply this machine makes me look good. Even though I am relatively inexperienced I have been able to out-perform other operators in the area time and time again. Even in the Victorian winter, my clients carpets are dry enough to safely walk on in under 2 hours and come up sparkling clean. I even surprise myself at times!!  My goal when I started my business was to the best job I could, every time and the Sapphire 370  lets me achieve that with ease. My Sapphire truckmount hasn't missed a beat!

The other thing I am so thankful for is that Gary and Jim only ever tried to recommend to me what they NEW I would need. NOT what would suit there bank account or what I though I wanted. (This alone saved me thousands!)

To put it simply, after MANY demos by MANY people I can tell you; you would be a sausage short of a barby not to buy one of these machines from these guys!

Please contact me if you would like to see this awesome machine in action on the Mornington Penninsula. 

Kind regards,

Warren Maker
Gold Label Carpet Care.


My first communication with PowerClean Industries Australia was in regards to upgrading from our portable to a second hand truck mount. Our intention was to get a quote on installation at first. Jim and Gary were only too happy to help, but invited me to come and view the new Sapphire Scientific 'Rage' truck mount. We had a limited budget but the entry level truck mount had all the benefits we needed; high suction, extreme hot water and high pressure rinse. The bonus was its affordability. The ëRageí package included everything we needed to upgrade and accessories were very affordable.

From the moment we did our first carpet with the 'Rage' we exuded confidence and raved about it to new and old customers whose past comments went from "Thanks for cleaning our carpets" to "WOW! That looks awesome." The benefits of this confidence is that we have now put our prices up 50% as we are more high end now and are having great success with it.

Jim and Gary are the best people to talk to and they both know what they are talking about. What they say works. The best part of Jim and Gary's explanation of how the equipment and products work are the common sense and simple terms they use. In turn this makes it easier to explain to the customer and builds their confidence in us.

Thanks again Jim and Gary. We are proud to be part of the PowerClean Industries Australia family. We look forward to a long business relationship with you guys.

Kind regards,

Tim Kingston
Focused on Cleaning-Toowoomba



Being new to the industry, it is a minefield for a new person and very difficult to determine the right way to go forward. Also, living in Adelaide, there was no machines available to look at until Jeff from WSE (the PowerClean/Sapphire Scientific agent) came a demonstrated the machinery. After extensive research across a variety of brands and talking with many suppliers of truckmounts, I decided to purchase the Sapphire 370 SS truckmount.

Jim Bethel from PowerClean was good sales man. He put the extra yard in on the phone which costs him a little time and money, but he came honest and trustworthy, more so than his competitors. The assistance was good and mostly helpful throughout from researching stage to the installation.

Since purchasing the Sapphire Scientific truckmount, it has encouraged a well known and respected cleaner to join forces with me as well. Although I don’t have a lot of experience in the industry, the Sapphire truckmount gives me confidence in my work as it performs very well. I like its compact design and its performance.

I have no regrets with my decision to purchase the Sapphire Scientific 370 SS.

Marcus Morley


I have been in the industry for many years and had a variety of machines. My previous machine I sold was a Hydramaster Boxxer 421. I had the opportunity to see a new Sapphire truckmount working on a job, and I was simply amazed at the difference in performance. Within a month, I had sold my Hydramaster Boxxer 421, and quickly purchased the Sapphire Scientific 370 SS. Because I live in north western NSW many hours from any distributors/suppliers, I get our local small engine mechanic to service my equipment periodically. He has been doing this for me for some years and is quite familiar with truckmounts.

His first comment when I went back that afternoon to pick it up brought a smile to my face. My mechanic said “Wayne, you old unit was ok, but your new one has the build quality of a Rolls Royce. From a mechanical view, everything has been very well planned and thought of. Everything is nice and accessible for us to service”.

When I was buying the new Sapphire machine I was getting confused. When I was looking at the specs on this machine, it doesn’t jump off the page and excite you. It doesn’t have a big engine, and it doesn’t have a massive vacuum unit. But the first time you get to play with the machine – the only word you can think of will be AWESOME! The heat, vacuum and pressure that my Sapphire 370 machine produces is so much more that other machines I had demonstrated that were considerably larger in physical size and price!

My customers notice as well and to me, that is the most important thing. With so much extra heat and vacuum compared to my Hydramaster, I am leaving my clients carpets and tiles cleaner and dryer than ever before. The gents at PowerClean have been an absolute pleasure to deal with from the first demonstration, through to install, to months/years down the track with their after sales service. I can honestly say it is a breathe of fresh air to talk to guys that understand what it is like to be in our shoes, and that don’t talk down to me, but rather talk to me on my level. They have never pressured me into purchasing more than I need, and their chemicals and knowledge of cleaning processes make them a perfect partner in my business to help me to continually grow.

To anyone looking to purchase a truckmount, you MUST call PowerClean. I have dealt with every other supplier in the industry at one stage or another, and no one comes close to their attentiveness and professional approach! If anyone would like to speak with me personally, please feel free to contact me at anytime and ask me about my Sapphire Scientific truckmount and the great way in how I was assisted by PowerClean Australia. My next machine will be purchased through them no doubt.

Wayne Horne
Wayne’s Cleaning Services
0410 026 843


Over 3 years ago I owned a chain of stores and was looking for another income stream. I researched my decision extremely carefully over the next few years, putting copious hours into how I would market my new business, who I should deal with and what type of machinery I should invest in. During this research stage, I looked at numerous suppliers, machines and techniques. At times, it was daunting trying to wade thru all of the marketing that you get bombarded with whilst trying to make a decision on the equipment package.

Wash KingThis is where I found the team at PowerClean Industries Australia to be simply outstanding and a cut above the rest! The knowledge these guys have got and are willing to dispense to their customers is awesome and I am extremely pleased with my decision. Nothing is too much trouble for them. When it come time to actually purchase the machine, due to the way in which I wanted to grow my company, I choose the PowerClean Genesis 59 SS.

This machine to put it simply..IS AWESOME! And let me tell you, if anyone is trying to tell you that you can clean hard surfaces more efficiently than this machine does, it is simply not true. I would have to pass certain jobs up, as even with this monster, there are times quite often when I need the full power of the 59. Anything under this machine will simply not do!

I had PowerClean Australia do a custom install for me into an Iveco Daily van. The way this entire system has been built and installed provides me with maximum ease of use and performance. Sure, I could have gone for a cheaper option, however, this truck more than pays for itself and I average over $ 200 per hour.

I had a unique request when purchasing my machine. I wanted to run the unit with the doors locked, for sound deadening properties and also to stop anything from 'walking ' ù out of my truck without my knowledge. PowerClean Australia have a done a superb job. My machine is running on LPG which saves me money, and they have also fulfilled my request! I have a 49hp engine, running at full speed and I can operate this with all the doors on the vehicle locked. While this can be done in a PTO or CDS configuration, this is simply amazing to have the performance this unit does whilst running with all the door closed.

If anyone is thinking about purchasing equipment, I strongly recommend that they visit or speak with the boys at PowerClean Australia. Doing so will make your decision a lot easier and comfortable knowing you are in the hands of true professionals, not just salespeople!

Mark Delaney
Wash King

My company has cleaned commercial buildings for 30 years. When we decided to expand into the residential carpet cleaning market, we knew using portable extractors wasn't going to work. My biggest fear was going into someone's home and not being able to get their carpet clean enough to satisfy them. Although I knew nothing about truck-mounts, I did know this: I wanted the best equipment available to meet our needs and a company that would provide the support to back me up. I wanted extreme power that would set us apart from everyone else: A truck-mounted machine capable of producing jaw-dropping results. I searched for over six months and finally narrowed down our choices to the Genesis 59 from PowerClean Industries and another manufacturer. PowerClean won, hands down. The biggest factors in our decision?

(1) Simplicity. For a truck-mount novice such as myself, this is what caught my attention initially. What they say is true: You don't have to be a mechanical engineer to own this powerhouse. It is as easy to use and maintain as advertised.

(2) PowerClean will stand by you. This was the biggest surprise of all. Although I had never used a truck-mount in my 30 year career, PowerClean patiently helped me and had me cleaning carpet like a veteran, producing dazzling results. My clients are simply amazed how clean we can get their carpet and love the awesome drying time.

Do yourself a huge favour: Invest in the best. Get the biggest, most powerful machine you can find that's made by a company that will stand behind you and the equipment they manufacture. Go with PowerClean Industries. I promise you it will set you apart from the competition and you'll have no regrets!

David and Stacy Gruttadaurio
United Building Services

We purchased the PowerClean Genesis 59 after looking into several other truck-mounted cleaning machines. It was our idea to still serve our existing customer base with the carpet cleaning but to gradually move into the Hard Surface Cleaning and High Pressure Cleaning. We meet several members who now run PowerClean Aust. early 2005 at several trade shows and work seminars.

Over this period of time I kept in contact with them .... Mainly because they were down to earth fellows and weren't afraid to offer there expert knowledge and know how on many avenues of cleaning. Which has helped us out immensly. Late November 2005 we decided to purchase a vehicle and Big Genesis 59 SS... With their experience and knowledge, they setup our vehicle .. Catering for Carpet Cleaning / Hard-Surface Cleaning / Water Restoration Work / High Pressure Cleaning.

Upgrading from our other brand of truckmount to our PowerClean Truckmount, you can notice a big difference, and especially with the amount of heat you have. What I don't like is that whilst tailing out the hoses, a man has to wear "Bloody" gloves, the hoses are so hot. With our staff of 3 we have no mechanical experience what so ever, So I'd be telling a lie if I said we haven't had any trouble.

What I like about PowerClean Industries Australia is that at any time we have any trouble we contact them and there is never any drama from the office staff down to the workshop staff. They are most obliging and helpful. Brett the workshop manager, will always explain the workings of the machine very simply and easily, and he will even return the call to see if he can assist furhter to make sure everything is smooth. Can't get much better service than that!!

As time has progressed and we have done many different types of jobs. Even jobs we never thought existed, we could not be happier with the Genises 59 SS from PowerClean. If any Technicians that are considering purchasing a PowerClean machine and need to see a demonstration in the Sydney region, please contact me on 0413-288-505.

Brian Carter
Sincerity Floor Cleaning Services

At the time, we were new comers to the industry, with only 18 months experience at the time and needed to up grade equipment invested in. Eclipse Carpet and Tile CleaningWhen it came time to upgrade from a electric truckmount with gas hot water, to a machine that would simplify the effort when setting up on jobs, giving more time to provide an outstanding service to the clients we owe a big thanks to Power Clean Australia.

Knowing the ease of approaching larger jobs is more accessible to my company giving me peace of mind. This also opened the new area of tile cleaning to our business. The Freedom 45 fitted well into our budget. Jim & Gary provide us with excellent knowledge of the machine & its efficient working ability.

Even after 18months of ownership their service & advise is outstanding. We would recommend to fellow tile and carpet technicians wishing to upgrade they see or contact Jim or Gary at Power Clean for further details & information. Not contacting these guys will be a sin!!
Yours in cleaning,

John & Theresa
Eclipse Carpet & Tile Cleaning

We spent nearly a year in researching a new truck mount. The problem was trying to find THE truck mount that served all of our needs without an inflated price. We needed a powerful blower system to handle the rigors of numerous water losses, the ability to have a hot water pressure washing system, high constant heat able to run two rotary extraction machines without heat or vacuum loss and the ease of repair on the job site if a problem ever would occur. To our pleasure, we found it with PowerClean! The service we received was second to none!!We have two other brands of truck mounts and all of our technicians agree that given the choice of which one to use they prefer the GENESIS 59SS.

Kirk Hughes
Protech Carpet Cleaning

I was reading about the Genesis on the American Forum Boards (ICS) two to three years ago, and was very impressed with the feedback from the American guys. I was getting out of carpet cleaning then so it was only of mild professional interest to me.

Clean Zone WATwo years later, and getting back into the industry, I heard that the PowerClean Genesis was now in Australia being handled by Jim and Gary Bethel of PowerClean Australia. The choice of machine was absolutely clear to me, and I have not been disappointed. The Genesis is awesome in its heat and power, and the professional installation, quality of fit out to my truck and back up service by Gary, Jim and mechanic Brett at PowerClean Australia has been second to none.

The staff are very knowledgeable in the various areas of multi-surface cleaning (not just carpet cleaning) and more than willing to pass on this knowledge. I highly recommend PowerClean and their machines to anyone looking to get into, or upgrade in, this industry.

Howard Beatty
Clean Zone WA

Our company has been using one brand of truck mount since the late 1980s and we had bought seven of their machines before purchasing our first PowerClean. I recently decided I could no longer reward failure and had to go in search of better equipment to suit my needs. After being in this business for over 25 years and repairing many machines, I had already ruled out most of what is available. Due to economics of fuel and vehicle longevity I also ruled out direct drive or PTO units. I have always opted to go slide in. This left me with two good options considering price and performance, Power Clean and the '5M ' ù equipped machine. When comparing these two on the surface for about the same price I was able to get a machine with considerably more vacuum for the same price. As I like to run out the back door size became a factor. This machine, while taller, took up much less floor space and about the same as my previous machine that only had a #4 blower.

More machine and more space, that's incredible for a slide in of this magnitude.How about performance. This machine dries carpet in 1/3 the time of my other machines and the heat comes on faster, stays perfectly where you set it, and never runs short of it even using a 16 ' ù 4 jet wand. The pump out is belt driven and clean water lubed for longevity, it works flawless. Quality of construction is great from frame construction, accessible component placement, stainless steel tanks to electronic solenoid valves for clean water tank instead of leaky float valves. This is the driest operating machine I have yet to see. When it comes to maintenance Power Clean has made this part of the job a cinch, and an extra bonus is that you wont have the usual blower grease mess to continually keep clean. They have thought of it all and made life much easier. This is the slide-in to buy and you won't regret it.

Jim Knowles
Mr. K's Carpet Service

Powerclean could have not been more helpful in helping me decide on a new machine. There were no pushy salesman talk only hard facts. The machine I decided on was the Freedom 36SS. Allens SafeCleanFitting the machine to van with my particular requirements was a bit tricky, but nothing Brett (the Workshop Manager) from Powerclean couldn't handle. This man is an underrated tradesman, His workmanship and professionalism is beyond reproach.

To see someone take as much pride in his work as Brett does is an asset to Powerclean. Jim too was also very helpful driving me all over Brisbane to find a van suitable to my needs. He didn't have to do that but it was part of the service.

Having arrived back home here and having used the Freedom for a couple of months, I must say that I cannot be more impressed. Ample suction! Great heat and plenty of PSI. Very easy to use and the results have more than impressed me. I would recommend a Powerclean machine to anyone.

Kind regards

Jim Jenkins
Allen's SafeClean

'My business has grown by nearly 50% since I purchased my Genesis machine. I'm able to process work quicker and more efficiently, carpets come cleaner and dry faster and my customers are happier than ever. The machine has been absolutely trouble-free and a breeze to operate. Without question my next truck mount will be another PowerClean machine"

E. Nelson
Best for Less Carpet Care

HamiltonsHaving been in business for 18 years and owned a variety of truck mounts in that time, we could not be happier with the Freedom SS that we purchased from PowerClean Industries Australia earlier this year.

The equipment has consistently exceeded our expectations with regards to the quality of vacuum and water temperature consistency. Some clever features on the machine have made our job easier leaving cleaner, drier carpets and ultimately very satisfied customers. The machine not only performs brilliantly but customers often comment on the professional appearance of our setup.

We will continue to grow our business in full confidence that we have continual backup from Jim and the team at Powerclean Australia. Couldn't be happier!

Steve and Roland
Hamiltons Cleaning Services

I have been in the carpet cleaning business for 11 years. I have owned 4 truck mounts during this time with the PowerClean Victory being the 4th. My first machine was a popular brand name machine. This was a simple design utilizing propane heat. When I decided to upgrade I stayed with the same company and purchased a '4.4 model ' ù heat exchange unit. This machine developed problems at 200 hours. It was never a reliable machine from the standpoint of steady water temperatures, let alone even staying running.

During this time I purchased a used van package with an electric truck mount in it. It was quiet but I believe in getting the carpet clean. This was no machine for my reputation. At this point it was time to start looking for a new truck mount again. My requirements were: Powerful, Hot Water (adjustable), and mainly Simple in design. I sent for info on all major brands. I narrowed it down to 3 companies.

I ruled out one manufacturer after seeing some local cleaning results as well as feeling the unit didn't look as 'polished ' ù as some of the others.It was also due to complicated electrical system and use of too many solenoids. The next that went was because their units used fuel oil or kerosene to generate heat. No way did I want to smell either of those!

Now we have PowerClean and the manufacturer of my then current machine. I looked at both brands closely. Having owned two units from the other manufacturer and inspecting the designs of their newer units I was still convinced that they were far too complicated and difficult to work on. At this point I thought that maybe I was asking too much from a manufacturer. I tossed around the idea of getting out of the business. That soon changed when I saw the PowerClean line. When I saw the Victory I could literally place my hand on every external part that may need to be replaced or repaired at some time in the future.

Coupled with an adjustable heat exchange system that NEVER DUMPS CLEAN HOT WATER INTO THE RECOVERY TANK, a stainless steel recovery tank, front mount fluid drain ports and an overall great looking appearance, I was sold!Now I have been using the Victory and it is everything it was claimed to be. I have consistent water temperatures, great reliability, a machine that is easy to maintain, awesome carpet dry times, and no worries of getting the job done before my Truck mount decides to quit for the day! I can and do spend more time building my business than fixing the prime component of my business! I am confident that I can take on any job from delicate fabric to water damage and anywhere in between!

Thank You PowerClean !!!

Dave Bloomberg
Elite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

After over 2 years of operation, I thought I should send you a note regarding the PowerClean Genesis 59 SS that I purchased from you. I have been in business for many years and have had other machinery before, however nothing in the league of the Genesis both in performance and in reliability.
I feel very comfortable and capable knowing that there is just nothing I have to worry about when quoting on jobs, as the machine can do it all - an with such ease and reliability. Be it from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and right thru to concrete cleaning this unit can do it all. With 3000 psi and copious amount of vacuum on tap, every time you turn key - you know that you are providing your customer with the best possible job.

HydraTechMy customers also notice my machine and give me positive comments often. The machine is very well built and one of the main things I like is that everything is over engineered. I have a big water pump, big vacuum blower and big engine, and I can just idle it all day long to give me blistering performance!

One of the concerns I had was that if something went wrong with the machine, I am right on the other side of Australia from PowerClean, being well south of Perth in WA. However, these guys know their equipment inside out and back to front. The after sales service has been awesome. If I have any question, be it on the technical side or cleaning side, I know I can ring the boys at PowerClean and get an immediate answer. †

For anyone serious about carpet and hard surface cleaning, a †PowerClean Truckmount is the only way to go. If you want to earn some serious money and have stunning reliability, invest in the best - speak with the Team at PowerClean Australia and purchase a PowerClean machine. You will be more than pleased!

Ian Beatty
Hydra-Tech Carpet Cleaning

My Victory machine from PowerClean Industries wins awards from me, my customers and my wife! Its new design delivers high flow water at high temperatures without overheating. I complete jobs quicker, get home earlier and am much less tired than with any machine I've used in my 22 years in business! It's been about eight months since I took delivery of my Victory and I still couldn't be happier! The incredible heat and vacuum has significantly increased my productivity and the folks at PowerClean Industries have been an absolute joy to deal with!

Peter Herman
Peter Herman Carpet Cleaning

We have been in the Stone Care industry for 6 years now. We researched all the truck mounted machines on the market as we decided to step up and provide clean and capture high pressure washing services to give us a marketing edge over our competition, and also to abide by the strict water regulations that are sweeping across Australia. Presise Stone CareAfter considerable thought, we selected the PowerClean Freedom to help us expand our business. We are extremely glad we made this decision, as this machine is equipped with a 2000 psi pump and ample vacuum to recover the solution put down, it has increased our efficiency and speed considerably, thus helping us to achieve a higher profit per hour. †

It keeps our staff happy also as they enjoy working with the Freedom as it makes their day easier also. Whilst I was making my decision between different manufacturers machines, the team at PowerClean Australia were extremely helpful in fully explaining everything in great detail to aid me in making the correct decision. The service and backup has been of the highest calibre as well. I can honestly recommend †to anyone thinking of upgrading their existing machinery or purchasing new equipment to speak with boys at PowerClean, as I am very glad that I did. Our business hasn't looked back!"

Rick Cleary
Precise Stone Care

I've been cleaning carpets for over 15 years now and I've owned numerous brands of truck mounts. Last year we purchased a Freedom and added it to our fleet of '405 CFM units ' ù. It was one of nine Freedom units ordered by myself or our sister company and we love it! We purchased it initially to save some money over the units we currently had but we've been amazed at the performance it's given us.

Our other units are larger, louder and cost nearly twice as much, but the Freedom actually delivers as good or better performance with far less headaches! Maintenance is a breeze as well. What takes an hour on our other units can be done in 15 minutes on the Freedom. The guys at PowerClean have been excellent to deal with and I'm looking forward to the day when we're able to phase out all of our other units in favour of Freedom machines.

Greg McNamara

When we were introduced to the Powerclean range nearly two years ago. Turbo ForceWe were looking for reliability as we had some bad experiences with two other brand of truckmounts in our fleet.

Since purchasing our first Victory in December 2004 we have had a fantastic run. † It truly hasn't missed a beat. † We have now purchased our second Victory and are planning the purchase of a third. †

We have appreciated the after sales service from PowerClean Australia and the willingness to spend time on the supply of technical information. Keep up the great work.

Ray Jose
Turbo Force Floor Care Services

After looking and comparing many new truck mounts in my price budget, I chose the PowerClean Freedom. The quality of the construction along with high quality parts made for an easy decision. This easy to use and maintain machine has increased my production rate which puts more money in my pocket! I needed a machine that is super reliable with great customer service and a fantastic distributor network, that's what you will get with any truck mount of the PowerClean line-up. ' ù Feel free to give my E-mail or phone number to anyone who has any questions or concerns before purchasing a PowerClean truckmount.


Jerry Smit
Deep Clean Carpet Cleaning

Twelve months into owning VIP Carpet Care I decided that my business needed to be more competitive and professional. Working with only portable machines, I believed I could diversify and improve the quality of my work with a truck mount.

Being my first experience in small business - where every financial decision is significant, much deliberation went into the purchase of my Powerclean Freedom † SS. Being a substantial capital outlay for me, my concerns were

  • would the truck mount pay its way?
  • how would I handle mechanical problems should they occur?

VIP Carpet CareDarwin's location makes breakdowns and parts delivery, time consuming and cost prohibitive. 18 months later however, I haven't regretted my decision.

The machine has proven to be a very reliable workhorse and has even received admiring looks from some of my competitors. No major mechanical problems and plenty of support from the guys at Powerclean Australia have made me a happy and prosperous operator.

Mark Mattner
VIP Carpet Care (Darwin) † † † † † †

Several years ago I was running a popular brand name machine and while I was happy with the performance, I wasn't happy with the downtime and costly repairs. The machine seemed a lot more complicated then I thought it should be and it seemed like there was always something going wrong. I had just about resigned myself to the fact that 'all truck mounts breakdown ' ù when I decided to look at a Genesis unit. The performance was like nothing I had ever seen and the layout and design was simple compared to my other machine! I could tell just by looking at it that this truck mount was exactly what I needed in my business.

I ordered the unit and a few weeks later it was installed. Since then my customers have been thrilled with how fast their carpets dry and I finally have what I was asking for. A more reliable truck mount. My Genesis unit has almost 5,000 hours on it now and I've spent approximately $100.00 in repair costs. I no longer need to worry about losing jobs to downtime, rescheduling customers because of repairs or having to pay outrageous amounts for parts and service. For building a more reliable truck mount I want to say 'Thank you PowerClean Industries!

Keith Moutvic
K & K Carpet Cleaning

When I upgraded from a high pressure portable with dual 3 stage vacs to the PowerClean Freedom I was amazed by the fast drying times! This, along with the ability to quickly get the water temperature up to 104c and maintain it there, has tripled my productivity! I researched for two years looking at different brands of equipment before deciding on PowerClean. I appreciate the simplicity of maintenance as everything is easily accessed and nothing is buried. The Freedom was by far the best value I found and I am extremely pleased.

Gary Parks
Parks Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

I've had my Genesis for about 6 months now and I dual wand daily, usually with a wand and a rotary extraction tool, or an upholstery tool, or some combo of the three. When I lift the wand off the floor you absolutely do not notice it at the other tool. The 850 CFM Roots blower is more than up to the challenge of dual wanding! At a recent cleaning gathering, we were running two wands, and maintaining 110 ∞-115 ∞ C ( 230-240 ∞) at the unit.

I see no need for a fuel powered heater when this degree of heat exchanger is available, even with a 3.5 GPM wand attached to the unit we were able to run at 120c (240f) all day long! The SMOOTH power of the 4-cylinder water-cooled engine can't be beat in performance and reliability. For delivering a truck mount capable of providing all the heat and vacuum needed for a true dual wand cleaning experience I say thank you PowerClean Industries!

Robert Hodge
RW Carpet Care

Four years ago I was looking for an upgrade to my existing truck mount. It was a single wand unit with a # 45 (365 CFM) blower and while it had served me well, my business was growing and I wanted a machine that could handle anything I threw at it. I decided on a Genesis 56 from PowerClean Industries. After four years of top notch performance and a great working relationship with PowerClean I decided it was time for a new machine. There was no doubt in my mind that it would be a new Genesis 59! A month ago I had it installed and I've been absolutely thrilled.

The unit is simple to operate, loaded with features that no other machine offered, and delivers performance that goes way beyond my expectations! The smooth running Nissan engine is quiet and the 59 blower is just amazing. The heat is through the roof and the new exhaust diverter system keeps the temperature exactly where I set it without wasting water by dumping into the waste tank. Some people think there is no advantage to using a larger blower when you do single wand work but I can guarantee you that the difference is amazing. Try a Genesis 59 once and you'll never want to use another truck mount!

Rick Poy
Power-4 Carpet Cleaning